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About Brenda Venus

Brenda Venus is an actress, author, ballet dancer, director and producer. She is also a world-class authority on sexual behavior, seduction, eroticism and how to please your lover. Her entire life and repertoire is based on and devoted to LOVE.

When she was in her early twenties, Venus met the famed Henry Miller, father of the SEXUAL REVOLUTION. Later, he became her mentor and she his muse, his inspiration. In just four years, he wrote her over 4,000 pages of LOVE LETTERS which were collected and condensed in the book, Dear Dear Brenda. The letters represent Miller’s last significant body of work — comparable to his Tropic of Cancer.

During this period, Venus experienced a rare and memorable afternoon watching Bruce Lee and Joe Lewis spar in Bruce’s back yard. She wrote a piece about this amazing, hot summer day in L.A. and it went viral, ending up front and center in Martial Arts Legends Magazine.

In 1987 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar presented her with a historical GIFT — a Los Angeles Lakers Championship ring — after the Lakers had won the drive-for-five.

When Venus was interviewed for “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” she met the photographer Ken Marcus. They shot together for over ten years, and Marcus’ photos of Brenda Venus inspired a coffee table book.

In her next book, How to Be the Best Lover Your Woman Ever Had, Venus turned to the subject of male seduction, grabbing men by the hand and showing them the secret places and yearnings of a woman. The book was translated into thirty-seven languages and became an international best seller.

After the success of the men’s book, she wrote a sequel entitled Secrets of Seduction for Women. Publishers William Morrow and E.F. Dutton sent her on a worldwide publicity tour during which she held numerous press interviews and made many appearances on TV and radio.

Besides being Henry Miller’s last “love goddess” and a best selling author, Brenda Venus has been photographed and painted by some of the most famous artists in the world. She has written articles for numerous magazines, including Cosmopolitan, and has written three new books and two screenplays. Currently, she is writing a book about her relationship with Henry Miller with an eye toward a film release.

A former beauty queen, Venus captured the title of MISS TEXAS UNIVERSE and was runner-up in the MISS UNIVERSE pageant. She graced the silver screen in the Clint Eastwood film, “Eiger Sanction,” and appeared in several other films including “FM;” “48 Hours;” “Valentino;” “Vampirella;” “The Ballerina;” and “Against a Crooked Sky.” She has also appeared on TV in “The Bold and the Beautiful. ”

In the spring of 1997, Venus posed for a celebrity nude pictorial in Playboy Magazine, and was chosen to be the celebrity centerfold for Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Celebrity Sleuth featured Venus in two pictorials, voting her one of the twenty-five most beautiful women of 2000, and number 10 for the most beautiful breasts in the world.

For over six years, Venus created and wrote the infamous “Centerfolds on Sex” for Playboy Magazine. Every week, a different Playmate came to her Penthouse in Beverly Hills and discussed men and sex for hours. During this time, Hugh Hefner hosted the most anticipated party of the year, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” at his infamous Playboy Mansion, and Venus wrote a detailed article that included moment-to-moment photos about that wondrous, magical night.

Some time later, Brenda was invited by President Vladamir Putin to attend the opening night of a play, Venus, written by a Russian playwright about her life with Henry Miller. The part of Brenda Venus was performed by the lovely Svetlana Khorkina, Olympic gold-medal-winner in gymnastics. Brenda was delighted by Svetlana’s performance, calling it “heartfelt and endearing.”

Recently, Venus wrote, shot, produced, directed and edited a film that was inspired by her seduction books entitled “Love & Sex in L.A.” The film, says Venus, “is everything you’ve always wanted to know about the opposite sex, but were afraid to ask — everything!” In the film, seven sexy Playboy playmates and L.A.’s most exciting men tell all in an honest, raw and illuminating format.

Venus’ latest love and newest adventure is an erotic novella, Twelve Hours – An Erotic Love Story. It is her first work in this genre, and each word was massaged with tenderness, great friendship, and loving affection, and sprinkled with a touch of pixie dust that invites every turn of the page.

Brenda Venus is a professional communicator. You’ll wonder how you ever lived and loved without her works as part of your life. She both inspires and is inspired by the people with whom she comes in contact. She is never content to scratch the surface; she goes down into the intimate depths of each person and each subject she explores. With her finger on the pulse of the world of sensuality and love, she’s here to inform and fulfill. Please enjoy yourself while you’re here and keep checking back for more!

— E.F. Dutton

©2016 Brenda Venus