Harold Frank painting of Brenda Venus

Harold Frank painted me through the 70′s 80′s & 90′s until the time of his death in 1995. I have marvelous memories of sitting for Harold while discussing great art & philosophy. I also have a voluminous collection of his art. Upon his death, in his last will & testament he left half of his collection to me.

In order of appearance:





















Muse: BV portrait in green — oil and watercolor $20,000.00

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Exotic: BV profile — oil and watercolor $7,500.00




Imagine: BV portrait $3,500



Mystique: BV purple portrait — $8,000.00



3 boys: $6,500.00



Sunburst: orange floral – $45,000.00

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Early Remberances: rare sepia sketch watercolor — $8,000.00



Spanish Dancer: sepia watercolor — $8,000.00



Twins: oil and watercolor — $3,500.00