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bVenus Lingerie


The erogenous stimulation continues under your clothing.

It’s a secret…your special secret. Be beautiful. Be a goddess. BVenus.

The panties began with an idea so unique they were granted a US Patent! The panties support and stimulate you to ecstasy as you walk. They fit down the center of the lips seductively teasing your clitoris with every movement. Ones this sensual and erotic, you can only get here.

Visually, men like it worn on the sides as it stimulates his libido even more, and leaves you with that sexy feeling. Sexplay becomes more satisfying for you and him as the fabric is soft and design is constructed for fun.

I designed the bra for a dual purpose: to entice and stimulate, simultaneously, both you and your man. Sensual: when you wear it, you feel sexy. Visual: when he sees it on you, he gets an erection. Instant foreplay!

This is how it works: The thicker band holds in place the triangular elastic that elevates your breast while adding gentle traction across the areola (nipple). The double bands run across your shoulders for comfy support and elegant design.


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