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  • Love & Sex in L.A. Movie $24.95


    LOVE & SEX in L.A. is a docu-movie resulting from following the lives of several individuals, singles, and couples, for over three years. It is a sizzling, intimate guide to sex. The film tells both men and women how to be the greatest lover the other has ever had.

Brenda Venus escorts you through affairs of the heart to the ultimate pleasures of the flesh and shares the innermost secrets of intimacy in the male and female. This uninhibited work will turn you on to romantic gambits that never fail. You’ll learn how to orchestrate an unforgettable first date, learn men/women mysteries, interpret body language, and sense what each like in & out of bed. But that’s just foreplay. This smart, sexy and fun film is guaranteed to drive your mate wild and transform an act of love into the explosive erotic ecstasy!

Love and Sex in LA Disc
Own this one-of-a-kind reflection on Sex, Relationships, Desire, Romance & Conversation w/ the world’s more beautiful women & terrific men. Listen to Hollywood Stars, Athletes & Hotties discuss the benefits & challenges of intimacy. Watch living-room girl-chats head straight into the bedroom.

Ask yourself:

Is your love or sex life a bit routine? Has SEX been a major relationship breaker for you? Do you have trouble understanding the opposite sex? Do you REALLY KNOW HOW to please your partner in bed? Would you like for your partner to do that EXTRA SPECIAL thing for you? What do girls think about sex on the first date? How does a Playmate deal w/ her boyfriend’s interest in her girlfriend? Do you want to make her VIBRATE w/ ECSTASY & think of nothing but YOU day & night? Then you must see LOVE & SEX in LA!!




Michael DeVorzon: Optimist

Michael, the heart of the film, was born and raised in Sta. Barbara, California, but currently lives in L.A. His over-all attitude is one of hope and finding true love. He looks at the glass half full as opposed to half empty. Everything is always new.


Barbara Moore: Vixen

Barbara came to L.A. via Seattle to pursue a modeling career, but became a Playboy Playmate and the ballroom dance champion of the United States. She sees beyond the glamor of Hollywood, and uses it to express her artistic self. She lives to the fullest while enjoying every nuance of love and relationships. Barbara is currently performing in Las Vegas.


Katie Lohmann: Analyst

Katie is a Playboy Playmate and an actress who studies the psychology of human nature. She thinks on her feet, and voices her opinion lavishly with clarity, dexterity and aplomb. She looks before she leaps.


Jennifer Walcott: Sweetheart

Jennifer is a Playboy Playmate who was born in Iowa. She’s innocent, but not naive. An astute business woman who pays her own way, Jennifer passionately pursues her dreams of hosting and acting in shows. Although she’s motivated to be the best in all aspects of her career, she remains sweet, positive and passionate about her ideals.


Rachel Elizabeth: Romantic

Rachel likes to look at life through rose-colored glasses – everything with a tint of pink. She knows what she wants and how to get it. Although she is an independent woman, she is a loyal friend who knows how to enjoy life. She’s selfless, but has learned that sometimes one must be a little selfish.


Molinee Green: Wild Child

She made the greatest transformation after she hit L.A. She lost weight, changed her hair color and with a new attitude took a walk on the wild side to explore new experiences. She’s like a chameleon who really adapts to circumstance. Molinee participates with her whole heart, while breathing life into the atmosphere.


Terry Moore: Rebel

Terry was born in Seattle, Washington, but came to L.A. to stay. His big, black, shiny Harley is his first love, next to strumming his guitar, singing in his band, and writing songs. Always has a smile, takes life with ease, and is always the last one to leave a good party.


Christina Santiago: Beauty

Christina is a Playboy Playmate who hails from Puerto Rico. Her natural beauty and fresh appeal continually turns heads. She lives in L.A. pursuing an acting career. Unsullied she searches for true love in a city of illusion. She prefers the cold truth to a pretty lie any day of the week.



James Curtis: Pessimist

James, also known as Jim, is the dry wit of the film. He’s not afraid to discuss the negative aspect of any relationship, nor let his fantasy cloud the reality. He is a native Californian, who grew up in England but returned to L.A. to pursue his interests. His spontaneous and intuitive nature focuses on the missing link.

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