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The last time I was in Dallas, I represented the state of Texas in the Miss Universe pageant. Alley Baggett gave me reason to return. Actually, meeting Alley was a mini-miracle since we had had a few teasers in the interim. First, Playboy had sent her to meet me in LA. I called the Sofitel Hotel where she and her husband were staying. She answered the phone and we arranged a meeting at my place for one o’clock the following day.


One o’clock came and went and no Alley Baggett. After a few hours of waiting, I decided to jump into my car and drive to the hotel. Alley and husband had checked out. I phoned my service just in case she had left a message. Yes! The message said that she would be waiting at a café on Melrose. I quickly drove to the café. Alley and husband had departed five minutes earlier. “Well,” I thought, “the stars are not in our favor today!”


A few hours later, back at home, Alley had called from Dallas. She left her home number. I called it and there was a block on her phone. I couldn’t get through. Well, c’est la vie.


Finally, days later, Playboy arranged another rendezvous. The Lone Star State was just as I had left it with one exception – Miss Alley Bagget. This charming and surprisingly forthcoming woman was worth the wait!



Brenda:  You have an extraordinary look – 5’2″, auburn hair, olive skin. Are you Spanish?

Alley:  Yes. Both of my parents are Spanish. I was born and raised in a little town outside of Houston, Texas.


Brenda:  Then you must like the music of Julio Iglesias?

Alley:  Oh yes, I love him. His kind of music is Spanish romance. His latest c.d. “Tango” is absolutely amazing.


Brenda:  I have the cd. It’s good. It makes one want to Tango, but such partners are rare. Do you dance the Tango or any other Spanish dances?

Alley:  Yes, I love to dance. When I was younger, I did a lot of Spanish dancing.


Brenda:  Once you learn it, you never lose it. What other kind of music do you listen to?

Alley:  Nine Inch Nails, Pretty Hate Machine. Some of their songs and lyrics are incredible. They are really poetic. I think Depeche Mode is sensual and erotic.


Brenda:  Who do you listen to when you make love?

Alley:  Julio Iglesias.


Brenda:  Since we’re on the subject, would you tell me about the first time you made love?

Alley:  Well, I was 15. It really hurt. That’s all I remember. Actually, I had made up my mind to do it, so I just picked someone I thought would know what to do. So it was neither good nor bad — just painful.


Brenda:  Unfortunately, most young boys don’t know how to deflower a virgin. It’s a special technique that no one taught them. The girl has to be really, really lubricated and the man needs to break the hymen with just one thrust — none of this poking and plunging business — it only adds to the pain.  But you had no way of knowing, and obviously, he didn’t either. What else happened at 15?

Alley:  I got married and had a son. He’s eight years old now.


Brenda:  Does he live with you?

Alley:  No, he lives with his dad and step-mother. He’s a great kid.


Brenda:  If he looks like you, I’m sure he’s gorgeous.

Alley:  Yeah, he’s small like me and he’s really beautiful.


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Brenda:  You’re a lucky lady. I noticed when you were in LA, your husband answered the phone. Are you newlyweds?

Alley:  No, we’ve been married for almost two years.


Brenda:  Do you stay at home or do you work?

Alley:  Well, I stay at home unless I do jobs as a make-up artist. I’m a professional make-up artist.


Brenda:  Then you probably paint, or sketch.

Alley:  Yes. Actually, I paint murals. And sometimes I draw and sketch.


Brenda:  That’s a wonderful talent. Being an artist, you probably are very sensitive to a man’s appearance?

Alley:  Yes. I like a man who knows how to dress really nice and who has a great style. Style is important.


Brenda:  What are other qualities you like in a man? Things that turn you on?

Alley:  Well, I like a guy who is really laid back, calm, and just really cool. I like a very confident man who smells incredible, and I also like a man who is funny and outgoing.


Brenda:  Are you turned on watching a man masturbate?

Alley:  Oh yes, I love to watch a man play with himself. I think it’s sexy.


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Brenda:  Now, what are a few turnoffs?

Alley:  Pick-up lines are a real turnoff. But I don’t remember any off hand. I hate the macho talk and I hate guys who wear their jeans really tight up their butt with their shirts tucked in. Guys who think they are God’s gift to women — I just hate that attitude. I don’t mind if a guy wears tight jeans, but to have that macho attitude go along with it is really bad.


Brenda:  What do you think of a man who comes up to you in a restaurant?

Alley:  That’s another turn-off. When a man approaches me while I’m eating, I think that’s really rude, and I would automatically dismiss him. Also, if I were sitting at a bar with my girlfriends and someone came up to me, I would think that he was full of crap. The worst place to meet a guy is at a bar or a club, because a man’s eyes are searching for just the physical part of a woman and they don’t care for the real person. I was a cocktail waitress and that gave me a lot of insight. Those men are just looking for a trophy girlfriend or a trophy wife. Someone who just looks good. That’s all they want and I don’t ever want to be anyone’s trophy.


Brenda:  Has a man ever done anything out of the ordinary that has really impressed you?

Alley Baggett Semi-NudeAlley:  When I was living in New York, I was walking from my little New York apartment down to the corner to pick up something from the pharmacy. As I was walking out, this guy was walking in and he did this double take on me. I had my shades on and I just kept on walking not thinking anything of it, except that he was cute. I was almost all the way down to my apartment when he came running in my direction as fast as he could.

He was panting and trying to catch his breath from running so fast and he said, “I just saw you back there and I thought you were so incredible — and for some reason, I just felt that I had to come back here and tell you.” I said, “Oh, Wow!” It seemedlike it came straight out of a movie scene. But then I had to show him my wedding ring and he got so disappointed. I mean if I wasn’t married, I would love to have had coffee with him.


Brenda:  You liked him because not only was he good looking, he was also natural, and innocent and honest. He wasn’t trying to knock you dead with the first words out of his mouth. He gave you a great compliment by going out of his way to introduce himself. And that makes a woman feel special.

Alley:  Oh, yeah!! It was a magical moment.


Brenda:  Have you had other magical moments?

Alley:  I’m trying to figure out how to explain it right.


Brenda:  Just start from the beginning.

Alley:  Okay. Well, me and my husband were best friends for almost a year before we started dating. And then we dated for about four years before we got married. But the first time we had sex was about a year after me and him had become best friends. We had just started going out. It was around Christmas, and we had sex for the first time under the Christmas tree. That was really magical. Maybe because we were best friends for so long, and in some crazy, secretive little way, we really wanted each other.


Brenda:  What prevented it from happening?

Alley:  I had a boyfriend, and he had a girlfriend. So we would just talk on the phone and be supportive of one other. He broke up with his girlfriend, and about three or four months later, I broke up with my boyfriend. So when we finally had sex, we were both unattached. I think the girl he was dating wanted him mainly because of his money. And I felt that my boyfriend was just using me, too. I was making good tips as a cocktail waitress.


Brenda:  It’s great when lovers start out as good friends first. That’s the best of all situations. Is posing in the nude a comfortable situation for you, or do you need a glass of wine to relax?

Alley:  I don’t really need anything to drink, because I have no problems taking off my clothes and posing in front of the photographer and everyone else and acting funny and silly. A lot of times, I’ll bend over and expose myself just to break the sexual tension. Or I might grab my breast and squeeze them just to make people laugh. I like to play around with everybody.


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Brenda:  Posing nude can be both sexy and fun if the photographer and crew are having a good time. Other than modeling, do you have other aspirations?

Alley:  Yeah. Actually modeling was never in the picture. I wanted to go to New York and be a famous dancer on Broadway. I’ve always wanted to be famous. I’ve always said that people all over the world would know who I am. I wanted to shine.


Brenda:  Well you certainly shine in your pictures. Now, Alley, can you site a few examples of the type of men you admire?

Alley:  Well, I really like Johnny Depp. He’s great. I think Keanu Reeves is very attractive, and Brad Pitt.


Brenda:  Those are your kind of guys, huh? Well, what do you like about them?

Alley:  They have strong eyes. I think strong eyes are sexy. And the way a person uses their eyes. A good stare is way worth more than a thousand words. Especially if you can just stare in the other person’s eyes and not say anything, and have that person feel so much from just the stare. It’s totally amazing.


Brenda:  Yes I agree. To me the eyes seem to be the keys to the soul. Now let’s jump into sex! Do you ever find it repetitive or boring?

Alley:  Sometimes, so I try to spruce things up. For example, I buy satin sheets, and sexy lingerie. Lingerie is my absolute favorite. I am the lingerie queen. I would buy a down comforter, some great music, a bunch of candles. So even if you are not planning on doing anything, light the candles anyway, because that says something.


Brenda:  What’s your perfect romantic evening?

Alley:  Going out to dinner. Dressing up in a nice outfit with beautiful lingerie underneath and teasing my date at the dinner table all night long. I love to tease. So, I would flash him a little bit of my bra and panties. Or depending on my mood, I may wear a corset with stockings and a garter belt. Or, if I want to knock his socks off, I won’t wear any underwear at all.


Alley Baggett SwimsuitBrenda:  After dinner, where do you go?

Alley:  Dancing. Dancing is very sexual because there are a bunch of sexy body movements going on with both bodies getting hot. Then afterwards, we might come back to my place and put on Julio Iglesias, light a fire, lay down next to the fire and sip champagne.


Brenda:  Okay, now tell me how your fantasy lover looks and how he makes love to you?

Alley:  He has to be about 6’1″. I like tall men. Really strong green eyes, a full, full mouth. And when he kisses me he kisses me with all of his mouth, not sloppy or messy, but perfect.


Brenda:  Tell me about a perfect kiss.

Alley:  It’s soft and tender at first. He uses his whole mouth — his lips and tongue. And his passion builds. He’s intense, and stares right before the kiss, and right after it. And while he’s kissing me, he gathers my hair and he pulls my neck back. As he’s devouring my lips, and my neck, he’s whispering compliments in my ear, like how beautiful I am, how good I smell, how pretty my skin, how soft my body feels, how nice my hair smells. I like a more passionate, aggressive touch.


Brenda:  What do you do to put yourself in a sexy mood?

Alley:  Put on some sexy perfume and light the twenty-five candles that I have all around my room. I would ask him to masturbate in front of me. And I am sure he wouldn’t mind, either. So that would get me going.


Brenda:  In what dangerous places have you had sex?

Alley:  In a swimming pool, in a Jacuzzi. I had intercourse in the water, but it didn’t feel really good, so we continued out of the water. One time, I did it in the ladies room at a Christmas party.


Brenda:  What is your favorite sexual position?

Alley:  I like doggy. I like to be on all fours. It makes me feel sexy.


Brenda:  And in what position do you orgasm?

Alley:  No particular position. Sometimes, I use a vibrator on my clitoris.


Brenda:  What are some of the thoughts that drift through your mind during orgasm?

Alley:  It’s a combination. I go into fantasy, or I look at what I’m doing, or I visualize certain things.


Brenda:  Do you need something special to get into an orgasmic mood?

Alley:  I think I orgasm better if I am in a risky situation, because it’s becomes more intense and passionate when I’m not expecting it.


Alley Baggett Cowboy HatBrenda:  Do you always orgasm every time you have sex?

Alley:  Every time I make love, I make sure I have an orgasm. If I don’t, I use my body massager.


Brenda:  What else do you enjoy?

Alley:  I like real aggressive grabs. I like spankings either bending over his lap or being spanked when he is inside of me. I prefer a nice slap – not too hard.


Brenda:  Alley, tell me about some of your sexual fantasies?

Alley:  I have fantasized watching the person I was dating having sex with another woman. In one fantasy, I participate in the threesome. In the other fantasy, I sit back and watch the two of them interact.


Brenda:  Can you give me some details?

Alley:  As he is having sex with the other woman, he stares at me and I stare at him while he’s sucking on her breast and going down on her. I would be telling him what to do to please her. And we would be talking back and forth to each other while he’s doing the girl. I would tell him to get her nice and wet with oral sex and touch her all over and tease her for a really long, long time. He should tease her at least an hour, using a vibrator. Then I would have him watch while the two of us pleasured one another.


Brenda:  Okay, what about anal sex. Do you enjoy it?

Alley:  At first, it was just okay, but after we did it for a while, it became enjoyable.


Brenda:  Do you do it often, or once in a while when you are in an extra sexy mood?

Alley:  Once in a while when the mood is right.



Brenda:  What’s your ultimate fantasy?

Alley:  My ultimate fantasy would be to have a penis and use it to have sex with a woman! I want to know how it feels to actually have a penis. And how it feels to have sex with a woman with my penis.


Brenda:  You know, a lot of women have that fantasy. I think it’s because the penis is such a mighty instrument. A man can do so many things with it – hold it in his hands, play with it, pee with it, massage it inside a woman’s vagina or mouth, or simply massage it with his own hand. Did you know that in certain cultures, this fantasy is actualized in a way?

Alley:  Really? What do you mean?


Alley Baggett BackBrenda:  Well, there’s a religious rite in Africa whereby Muslim women go through a ceremony to remove their clitoral foreskin. It’s killer, but after a time of rubbing against clothes and other things, the clitoris stands out as much as three inches, enabling a woman to put it into another women’s vagina. They actually have clitoral intercourse with each other.

Alley:  That’s incredible!


Brenda:  I think so too. Also, in Casanova’s memoirs, he described his Russian travels with his girlfriend. They were in a Russian bathhouse and on one occasion Casanova’s girlfriend had clitoral intercourse with the bathmistress who had had her foreskin circumcised. The bathmistress had an orgasm.

Alley:  That’s amazing!


Brenda:  Actually, it happens all over the world. Just yesterday, I was reading in the New York Times about a similar story. Fascinating to say the least. Have you ever been with a woman, sexually?

Alley:  Almost. I have entertained the thought. Although, I fantasize more about another man and a woman.


Brenda:  Do you like giving oral sex? Do you swallow?

Alley:  I like giving it, but I don’t swallow.


Brenda:  Are you into being a dominatrix?

Alley:  No. But I would love to wear boots and have a whip and order a guy around. I feel that I’m a very strong woman and an independent thinker, but in sex, I prefer being submissive. I like for the man to be in control.


Brenda:  Can you give men a few helpful hints?

Alley:  Yes. Do a lot more teasing! Use your eyes more – a strong stare to let the woman know you really want her.


Brenda:  Alley, is there anything you want to add to what we’ve already said?

Alley:  This is going to be one incredible book if you get all kinds of information like this from everybody!


Brenda:  Why thank you. Yes, all the girls have been extraordinary.

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