In the “Eiger Sanction,” I play Clint Eastwood’s trainer, George. George was the half Indian daughter of George Kennedy. In the shots below I was preparing Clint to climb the Eiger, one of the most dangerous mountains in Switzerland. Making this film was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had. I was on location for three months with a bunch of terrific gentleman, Clint being one of them. Being the only girl for all those months, I would wake up to all manner of gifts that were left by my door during the night. The experience was like being in a fairy tail, and Clint Eastwood was my hero. Actually, one day on a climb, I lost my footing and fell several feet. Fortunately, I managed to grab onto a tiny branch rooted on the mountain side. If Clint would not have been there to save me, I would have fallen thousands of feet into an endless cliff.