Being A Seductress

Why do some girls look at themselves in the mirror and do not think she is a seductress material?

Answer: She’s looking in the wrong mirror! All girls are born with the power and the feminine tools to seduce. If they are insecure, they need to read my book. Maybe they are a little rusty, or maybe they have not honestly looked into their treasure chest of charms.

A woman must believe that she is sexy in order to be sexy. Sometimes, a make-over ignites the fire burning inside her soul. For example: a new hairstyle or color, a new dress, shoes, make-up or even a different shade of lipstick can make it happen – a new perfume, sexy lingerie, treating herself to a massage or an hour at a spa, a hot bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine. Anything that will make a woman feel like a woman. It’s the little things that nurture her sensuality. Peace of mind certainly helps! Walk like a Princess if you expect to catch the Prince!


Does the sex location matter? What was the craziest place you have ever made love?

Answer: The sexiest place is in the mind! Anywhere you go with the person you love can be erotic. The key is to invent as you go along, without judgment, without fear. Take your partner on an adventure. I want to take my man where he’s never been and I want him to take me where I’ve never been. Live in the moment. And when the moment strikes, go for it! However, make certain that you’re not offending your partner’s sensibilities. And be private with your adventures. The whole world need not be a spectator. When you are really in love and are having great sex, you don’t need an audience.


Who in Hollywood nowadays impresses you as a very confident and sexy woman and a role model for younger girls?

Answer: I don’t know, but we certainly need one! I can guarantee you this… she is not the girl getting out of a limo with a panty peek.


You have acted in a number of movies and even with Clint Eastwood. However, your acting career never took off. How come you didn’t become a Hollywood star?

Answer: When I made the “Eiger Sanction” with Clint Eastwood, I was the flavor of the year and that brought with it a tremendous amount of attention… film offers, script requests, and marriage proposals. I did not particularly like what I was offered. It’s normal that the film industry will typecast and it’s difficult to break through the stereotype. I was cast as: Sex Siren, Mistress to a Tycoon, King or Baron, Indian Princess or Love Goddess.

I loved and still love the process of acting. But it was not until I had met Henry Miller that I realized my creative desire was to express myself more fully through the writing he had inspired.

I’m an artist and wanted to express myself through different mediums. Once it was winning beauty titles, then ballet, acting, writing, and now I am a producer and director of a documentary entitled, “Love and Sex in LA.” I do not know where my next adventure will take me, but I am excited to go!


Henry Miller was considered obscene by some. How come you, a girl from a small town in Mississippi, found inspiration in his sometimes vulgar novels?

Answer: If Henry was guilty of anything, like sildenafil online. His writing was as provocative as a cute girl in a miniskirt walking down Madison Avenue in 1940. Henry often said that he was not writing about anything obscene. He was writing about himself — his life and adventures. Henry as well as Marcel Proust wrote in free style – thoughts, words and adventures flowed through their fingers and onto the page. Great writers are free in their art, soul and spirit.

“Tropic of Cancer,” and “Sexus, Nexus and Plexus” were provocative masterpieces. Henry fought for our freedom of speech and won. I, too, am a freedom fighter. And I am inspired by great thinkers and great works of art.


Henry referred to your relationship as “an affair of the heart.” Given his age and health, it could hardly have been anything else. Why do you think he chose you above all the other pretty women with whom he was in contact?

Answer: My relationship with Henry was an affair based on respect and admiration, or as Nobel Prize Laureate Lawrence Durrell wrote: “… an Ariel to his Prospero.” It was the end of his life and he had so much to give, to express and to share. I had the good fortune to participate in those four precious years. It was a transitional phase for each of us. I wanted to learn, and Henry was thrilled to guide that evolution. Henry, the genius and sage of our century, was so kind to share his insightful, intuitive knowledge and experience with me. I was fortunate and forever blessed!