How did you decide that men needed some advice on how to kiss,make love or read woman’s body language?

Answer: During the promotion of my first book, “Dear, Dear Brenda,” I appeared on several T.V. and radio talk shows. A woman called in and asked: “Why don’t you write a book telling men just what we women want!” Shortly thereafter I began traveling throughout the world interviewing men and women and soon discovered that they do not understand each another on many levels. Basically, the problem was communication.

Good communication, which includes reading body language, is essential to great sex. “SOS (Secrets of Seduction) for men” and “SOS (Secrets of Seduction) for women” is a guide to help partners understand one another and come together in not only sexual, but in relationship bliss.


Brenda Venus Lithuanian Interview

Did your expertise come from your own experience?

Answer: It came from both my intimate interviews with men and women and my experience. I think all expertise comes from experience. What a wonderful experience to enjoy love, life and relationships.

You wrote two books for both men and women on how to be a great lover. However, is it true that women don’t need to try as hard?

Answer: While it may be easier for a woman to get a man into bed, the reward of great sex still takes skill and effort. You reap what you sow! – meaning you will get out of a relationship what you put into it. If you want a great experience, you will need to make that great experience happen with time, effort, energy, paying attention, not taking one another for granted and showing a great deal of respect — basically, working on it every day!

Personally, I only want to make love to my best friend! When you are “best friends” and you’re lucky enough to have great chemistry together, everything else will fall into place. When there is only lust without friendship and respect, the relationship cannot grow.


Brenda Venus Secrets of Seduction

What was the reaction to your book in the US back when it was published?

Answer: Overwhelming! My publisher thought that “SOS for men” would be mildly received, while “SOS for women” would fly off the shelves. They were quite surprised when “SOS for Men – How To Be The Best Lover Your Woman Ever Had” — was a best seller. During my book tour, I would board a plane and as I walked down the aisles, I would see men reading my book without the cover. It was funny at the time. As I walked into hotels, restaurants, talk shows, etc, boys and men would ask if I had any advice for them. I told them to read the book, but not skip to the back.

Women were buying the book for their boyfriends, lovers, or husbands. They knew a great relationship was the basis for great sex. And they wanted their boyfriends to understand the value of relationships.


Was it too erotic to some?

Answer: Is anything too erotic when two people are in love?


Do women like sex for the sake of sex? Lots of times women say it’s more emotional for them.

Answer: Yes, women do like sex for the sake of sex. I certainly do! I don’t believe it’s more emotional, it’s just different. Real intimacy makes both men and women emotional, and oftentimes, we express it differently. Women build great sex on emotions. Men build emotions from great sex. When two people become so close, so attached, so in love with one another, emotions flow and overflow. Passion brings out the best in us.