This is a story of two girls, Karen and Evonne who flew in from Miami, Florida to experience “a midsummer’s night dream” at the Playboy Mansion with icon Hugh Hefner.

Let’s start from the beginning… It was their first time in LA, their first time to visit the Playboy Mansion, their first time to meet Hugh Hefner. Adrenaline was flowing as the excitement built during their three-day visit.

First of all, it takes a more than a day to prepare for Hef’s big parties. It’s about the details of feminine perfection – a two hour workout, manicure, pedicure, new lingerie, hair, face and body make-up, glitter, a light meal, and rest.

Our first stop was at “Trashy Lingerie” on La Cienega Blvd. that makes the sexy lingerie worn in films, photo shoots and for stars, in general. The girls spent hours tried on several different outfits, different looks, and finally decided on the perfect fit and design that made them feel sexy, beautiful and ready for the event.

Finally, the big day arrived… Karen and Evonne were waiting for me in front of my penthouse apartment with camera in hand, and shot a picture as I was getting out of the car.

It was 5:00 p.m. and they had arrived for hair and make-up. We took turns having it applied by a terrific make-up artist, Patty Weelock.

As time drew near, their excitement escalated, butterflies fluttered in their stomach, and I enjoyed watching their faces. After we were fully dressed, I opened a bottle of Crystal champagne and we made a toast to ‘the best night ever.’

8:30 the phone rang… It was the driver of the limousine that Hef had sent to fetch us. The girls were so elated that they quickly headed for the elevator in see-through lingerie — forgetting their wraps.

When we climbed in, we noticed that champagne on ice had been uncorked and was waiting to be sipped. The driver poured three glasses, hopped into the driver’s seat and we were on our way. The ride, terrific girls, tasty champagne, fresh white roses which were inserted at each corner of the car, and great music playing — was a party in itself. Up the winding road of Sunset Boulevard, turning onto Charing Cross Road in Holmby Hills, we finally made our way to the main entrance of Hugh Hefner’s palatial estate.

At the gate, our names were crossed off the list, and up, up, up the winding driveway we glanced at small twinkling lights covering each tree from side to side all the way to the entrance of Hef’s personal Disneyland of babes. In the center was a large Grecian fountain abundantly flowing with water, surrounded by Limo’s, Rolls, Bentley’s, Alpha Romeo’s, Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, classic cars, and more limousines arriving to drop off the visitor’s elite.

About thirty-five handsome men dressed in red jackets attended to the cars and the guests. Evonne and Karen let out an exhilarating yell of euphoria. They said it was a dream come-true, a Princess fairy tale, and they had goose bumps up and down their silky flesh.

Entering the foyer was reminiscent of a King’s castle with chandelier’s hanging from tall ceiling’s, classic neo-roman paintings by famous artists gracing the walls and floors laid in marble. To the left side of the entrance was a huge winding staircase that led to Hef’s private quarters. But upon entering, one was met with several photographers waiting to shoot the current guest, walking through the entrance. Many high-profile celebrities, who were either shy or did not want to be noticed, stood against a wall in the quiet of the foyer. Jean Claude Van Dame was sitting on top of a desk in the entrance way most of the night. He’s a very attractive man and rather shy, which I find charming.

What an event! . . . What a marvelous, magnificent array of sights to behold at the elegant Playboy Mansion. For men, it was comparable to dying and going straight to Candy Heaven. For women, it was a visual, sensual, seductive feast.

Walking from the foyer, outside on the grounds, Hef had a large tent that was set-up with a few bars at each end. Portable heating systems warmed the night air. Inside the tent was really, really warm and heating up even faster.

Hefner is one host who anticipates everyone’s sensual needs and desires. A need is met with the flick of a hand or flash of an eye. The music was sensual and soulful. The food was scrumptious — to please any palate, the ambiance and decor straight out of The Arabian Nights or a Venusians’ Universe with satin pillows for sitting with low, rounded tables devised for eating dinner, and relaxing. Hef sat on the pillows with his bevy of blonde beauties, his “girls next door.”

Ohh and the desserts were exotic, scrumptious and plentiful — pies, cakes, fresh fruit and succulent delights .
Huge screens were set up with Playboy centerfolds flashing across them, undressing, simultaneously touching themselves lasciviously until they were completely naked.

Then, as if the pictures moving on the screen were not erotic enough, there were more beautiful women in the flesh as far as the eye could see – like cgi — scantily dressed and alone for hundreds of yards. Goddess Heaven – tall girls, medium sized girls, petite girls — blondes galore, brunettes, redheads — you name it . . . regal glory. Girls! Girls! Girls! I noticed quite often that several men were running to the restroom and staying in there a rather long time. I know because the girl/boy facilities were close together. Some were unisex.

Most of the people were simply awe-struck – not knowing what to think, or what to do, or who to look at next. I don’t think anyone had a conversation that was meaningful. It was all about “Beautiful Babes and Stars.”

Glancing around the room, one would see George Clooney, Dennis Quaid, Terrance Howard, Dennis Daysbert – having pictures taken with lovely girls vying for their attention. Or standing near the large bar were Matt Damon and Ben Afflect. Or watching Hef chatting with James Caan, and friends Gary Busy and Ed Lauter, obliging to a photo op with the girls I brought to the show. There were so many stars under the tent that night, I can’t remember all the names, but you get the idea! It was like being in a movie or a reality television show about Hef’s lifestyle at its finest.

Girls were walking around holding hands, caressing, and lounging on the satin pillows with other girls. The effect was extremely friendly and sexy. See-through fabrics, thong panties, g-strings, boa’s, silks, leather, high boots, six-inch spike heels, silk kimono robes, et cetera were the fare. The girl’s nearly nude bodies were definitely dessert for the men, and also for one another. Sometimes I think girls relish turning on other girls just as much as they enjoy turning on the male sector.

As the night grew longer, the mood of the people became more loose and sensual. The night air was filled with spicy and herbal scents that are reminiscent of the tropics. Around midnight, a few clothing pieces started peeling off hard bodies — Robes that were once closed, became opened and omitted. Actually, no one was entirely naked, except for a girl who walked around with her upper torso “body painted” in an exquisite design. It was difficult to decipher her nakedness, except when she turned at certain angles — and then, of course, everything intimate was revealed. But the lights were low and left much to the imagination.

In another section of the tent, one would see Leonardo DiCaprio surrounded by a few body guards, and a stream of girls waiting in line to have a look — Dan Aykroyd, Kevin Costner, Mandy Bentley, Courtney Love, Puff Daddy, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Playmates of the year — of the month, and hundreds of lovelies. Every girl was blessed with something beautiful.

It was a fine, sexy evening that lasted until morning, and one of the few times everyone under the tent was truly having a great time. Maybe it was the full moon, maybe it was the magic of the night, or maybe it was a Midsummer Night’s Dream. But this was the best Hefner party I’ve been to in many years, and I’ve attended over a thousand at his home through the years. Definitely, a winner!

Everyone had a fun time, and the people were nice, friendly, and open minded. It seemed that very few invites had an attitude. Everyone checked in their insecurities at the door and decided to party. IT WAS GREAT!

I danced a bit, ate some good food, talked to both new and old friends. Met several interesting folks in different professions — doctors, attorney’s, film moguls, business types, psychiatrists, movie stars, models, reality TV stars. Music icons Gene Simmons with his wife Shannon Tweed, Puff Daddy, sports hero’s and so forth. You name it, they were there… somewhere, either hidden in a dark corner, or in the main stream of traffic indulging in admiration and heaping praise.

I was the only writer at the party which prompted people to ask about finding the right mate or LOVE. Out of all the beautiful girls and successful men, most of them talked about finding love with the right person. Can you imagine? But then everyone needs and wants love in their life. Everyone…!

Towards the end of the evening, however, Playboy’s internet group asked me to do an interview on-line. After the interview, the three of us left the party at 3:00 a.m. and talked incessantly about the party in the limousine home, and until they fell asleep delightfully exhausted on my sofa and floor.

All in all, the girl’s experienced three days of tiny miracles topped off with a few STARS!!

A MEMORABLE EVENING FOR EVERYONE, and to all a good night!